About Us


The cultural melting pot of the finest authentic cuisines from Lahore, based in the heart of New York which was founded by Mr. Nadeem Akbar. The restaurant is named after an ancient city in Lahore, Pakistan, which is a festive city of food and traditional ancient culture. Our specialty is not only limited to Lahori Cuisines but we also cater to Indian,Bangladeshi,Chinese and Nepali Events. “TASTE OF LAHORE” comprises specialty dishes signifying royalty and mystical allure, Explore the ultimate dining experience with the exhilarating menu with a fine selection of appetizers, main course, desserts and chief’s specials where we serve 100% Zabiha Halal food.

Let us make you feel the true culture and ambiance of Lahore by our mouthwatering authentic cuisine with our experienced team in the fascinating world of “ TASTE OF LAHORE” and ensure a truly memorable experience.

Our Vision

To have our presence strongly felt in Newyork and all other states of America by constantly providing the unique international cuisine prepared with the finest available ingredients and extraordinary service that create an extraordinary dining experience.

To exemplify and promote excellence, opportunity & Leadership in hospitality guided by our relentless focus on our imperatives. We will constantly strive to implement the critical initiative required to achive our vision. In doing this we will deliver operational excellence in all aspects & meet or exceed our commitments to our guests.

Our Mission

Quality Policy

At Taste of Lahore our guests is the focus of all our activities. To keep our guests satisfied and happy we continue to improve in food, service, value and environment. It will be ensured that our food is fresh, delicious and prepared live in front of the guests. Our service is prompt personal and friendly. Our environment is perfect and soothing.

Our Managment

Mr. SH Nadeem Akbar

Infused by his dream, he made his mind and stuck firm to his determination. He says, “To build a restaurant was my dream and now I have translated it”. Mr. SH Nadeem Akbar has a vast experience in catering and food. It’s not only his business but a life long pursuit too. Food not only serves the body, but more to the soul! Today, Mr. Akbar plays a pivotal role in setting high guidelines for food served in TASTE OF LAHORE. His personal interest keeps the menu at TASTE OF LAHORE innovative and meeting the high standards of our guests. Mr.Akbar has also completed several professional diploma courses in Tourism and Hotel Management being a position holder in his class.

Waseem Qureshi

Mr. Qureshi has been directly involved with each and every department of the organization at each level. He is most enthusiastic about developing new and unique recipes with a variety of tastes. Food is his passion. Whether it is innovating for new menu items, implementing a new kitchen regimen or a new marketing or customer service plan Mr. Qureshi is equally adept at all these jobs. Mr. Qureshi also has years of experience of the catering business across the nation. He has had the pleasure and experience of catering on many religious occasions and many well known events.